The FORBIOPLAST (Forest Resource Sustainability through Bio-Based-Composite Development) project is a collaborative Large-scale research program, coordinated by Prof. Andrea Lazzeri from University of Pisa (Italy), funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme (FP7), which addresses the improvement in biocomposite materials and related process technologies. The project started on July, 1st 2008 and will last until June 2012. Multiple aims of FORBIOPLAST project are the valorisation of forest resources for the production of bio-based products with the additional contribution to solve the problems related to materials produced by petro-derived resource, to waste disposal, to the use of energy consumption and polluting chemical pathways and to the use of hazardous substances. One topic of the research activity will be focused on the use of wood and paper mill by-products as raw materials for the production of polyurethane foams by an innovative sustainable synthetic process with reduced energy consumption. Efforts will be devoted to the promotion of the use of wood derived fibres to replace glass fibres and mineral fillers, in automotive interior and exterior parts, and as a component in composites materials with biodegradable polymeric matrices for application in packaging (cardboard, containers, etc) and agriculture sector (mulching, greenhouse, tomato clips, pots etc). The research activity will be carried out by the FORBIOPLAST consortium composed of 16 partners, including 7 RTDs, 6 SMEs and 3 INDs with the final aim to develop valuable products, which can be later introduced into the market. An Industrial Advisory Board (IAB), composed of representatives of large companies like DOW, Stora Enso and Solvay as well as SMEs like Biomer and Euromaster (biopolymer providers) provides top-level guidance and feedback to the Project Team to ensure the work continues to be focused on actions that are relevant to the needs of European industry and to help identify how the FORBIOPLAST results could be successfully applied in a variety of other application areas. BiPoCo 2012 Logo The FORBIOPLAST consortium, together with the Woody and Biostruct projects, decided to organise a large conference in May 2012 to present the outcome of these projects to relevant stakeholders and potential end users. For more details, please visit the conference website.